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About Cam

About Cam


Cam McAllister was born and raised just north of Atlanta, Georgia. When he was 11-years-old, his family was privileged to take a trip to Israel, Greece and Turkey. Watching from the deck of their ship, it was love at first sight when Cam saw the sun rise over Mount Carmel as they docked in Haifa. God used that moment to plant seeds that would grow into a deep-rooted love and calling towards Israel. Twenty years later, in the summer of 2018, Cam was able to return on a trip with his home congregation, Mars Hill Community Church in Powder Springs, Georgia. It was then that God was gracious enough to ‘burst the Holy Land bubble’ and give him a burden for a deeper connection between American believers and their brothers and sisters in Israel. Later that year, Cam became the founder and president of Bridge to Israel, a non-profit organization that promotes education, support and meaningful connections between the body of Christ in America and in Israel.


Before God allowed him to be part of this ministry, Cam worked in the film industry for many years. He lives in Acworth, Georgia.


The Mission of

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Israel is frequently on the hearts and minds of American Christians, but is too often relegated into two categories: 1. An issue of political importance, and/or... 2. A Holy Land pilgrimage. Israel is certainly both of these things, but it is also in need of more mindfulness, more prayer and more support beyond those two areas.


Jesus Christ, our Savior, and almost all of the early Christians were from Israel, but today the country is one of the least Christian nations in the world, despite millions of believers journeying there every year.


The mission of Bridge to Israel is to better educate the American church on the necessity of supporting Jewish believers in Israel and to both encourage and help facilitate connections between the Kingdom of God in Israel and in America. By serving as a link between the two parts of one body of believers, we can be a part of God growing His Kingdom in the Holy Land.


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